Gilbert Performance Design initiates product design with a robust, metered development process to find creative solutions to unmet consumer needs. The market and business analysis is comprehensive to include best-in-class companies, emerging technologies and the patent landscape. GPD roots out novel solutions by positioning ourselves in that market space, identifying the “white space” solutions, and delivering a fully vetted business opportunity.

  • Market Analysis

    Market Analysis

    Identify growth opportunities in unique spaces that offer new revenue streams, brand strengthening or enhanced customer satisfaction. Map market trends in technology, pricing and competition to maintain market intelligence.

  • Product Test Methodology

    Product Test methodology

    Designed to offer you time saving tools and resources that build convenience into managing your everyday work tasks.

  • Design Ideation

    Design Ideation

    Utilize simulation studies and prototyping to accelerate the innovation process and expediently arrive at low risk – high reward solutions. Create concepts that account for true cost and manufacturing feasibility.

  • Technology & IP mapping

    Technology & IP mapping

    Develop an opportunities map of future technologies in materials, electronics and manufacturing. Develop intellectual property analysis grid to sustain competitive edge.

  • Product engineering

    Product engineering

    Coordinate in depth analysis of customer and product interface. Maximize performance expectations with due diligent designs in physics, engineering and human behavior.

  • Project planning & critical task analysis

    Project planning & critical task analysis

    Where rubber hits the road; All projects must have a system to measure the achievements of critical task with measureable objectives. Provide a system that is easy to manage, easy to communicate and allow decision-makers to be effective.