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AP2 710 – 2010

Designed by the titleist veteran designer Peter Gilbert, the AP2 710 Forged features the 55-gram nickel-tungsten sole weight with the base construction, tweaked to reduce the low frequencies to the indistinguishable minimum…

Hybrid Golf Clubs December 17, 2009
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2010 AP1 and AP2 June 11, 2010

This review focuses on the Titleist Forged AP2S – the irons for the “skilled” player in the language of Titleist. The “qualified” golfer is any person with a disability entitled to a figure on the PGA Tour through stars like Adam Scott. Like Scott, I played for several years musclebacks because of their sense of superiority, extraordinary handling, and strict requirements to keep my swing in check. Read on to find out what I think fairly radical departure from Titleist even from their recent past. Design and TechnologyThe AP1 and AP2 were designed by Titleist veteran Peter Gilbert, designer of almost all significant iron in past, with advice from Dan Stone, a new golf club head of research and development. Gilbert started with a new list, putting aside the 775s and 755s well received and the technology that brought them to their current state. He looked to new materials, new forms and new processes and has created a revolutionary pair of shoes – the AP irons.

AP1 & AP2 – 2008

Design and Technology
 The AP1 and AP2 were designed by Titleist veteran Peter Gilbert, designer of almost every notable DCI iron of the past, with the guidance of Dan Stone, new head of Golf Club Research and Development. Gilbert started with a fresh slate, casting aside the well received 775s and 755s and the technology that had brought them to their current state. He looked at new materials, new shapes, and new processes and created a revolutionary pair of irons – the AP irons.

By ERIK J. BARZESKI April 25, 2008
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2008 AP1 & AP2

The Titleist AP1 and AP2 iron franchise continue to bring back fond memories of those great ol’ Peter Gilbert designed DCI irons — clubs which in my estimation maintain a place with Ping Eye II’s and Tommy Armour 845’s as three of the most desirable irons made of the modern era.

Rick Young
– Equipment and business blog – Scoregolf.com

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704CB & 804OS 2004

The overall result, according to Peter Gilbert, Director of Titleist Iron Development and Design, is a soft but solid feel, something highly preferred by the best players in the world.

“A precise multi-step forging process is used to produce 704.CB and 804.OS irons,” Gilbert said. “It is extremely accurate and requires less polishing and hand work to finish. After forging, the face is milled perfectly flat and the outside hosel diameter and shaft bore are machined to precise dimensions and alignment.

“The overall result is a more accurate and consistent finished head with a precise weight distribution, and a great look in the playing position.”

The multi-step forging process, in combination with the high-grade stainless steel, Gilbert said, allows for a thinner face design, providing increased cavity volume and allows for an improved overall weight distribution and center of gravity location. The higher volume cavity, Gilbert said, produces a higher moment of inertia for improved playability.

The Forged Stainless 704.CB, according to Gilbert, is a high-performance, mid-size, cavity-back blade iron that provides a good balance between forgiveness and shot making. The midsize blade and high-volume cavity provide playability, Gilbert said, while the traditional offset provides shot and trajectory control.

Steve Pike,
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DCI 990

Created by chief iron designer Peter Gilbert. Variable muscle back cavity progressive biases weight throughout the set to create a lower center of gravity in long irons. Designed to promote great feel, offer outstanding performance and yield optimum ball flight. A higher center of gravity in the short irons produces lower, more controllable ball flight. Progressive sole radius on the leading edge is smaller and sharper on long irons/ Exclusive Titleist Velvet Victory Round Full Cord grip by Golf Pride