Peter Gilbert

Ask Peter Gilbert what made him one of golf’s leading golf club engineers and he’ll humbly tell you it was his pursuit of a childhood passion. But beneath that passion lies a true gift – Peter possesses a natural penchant for solving the puzzle of each golfer’s needs and translating it into high-performance equipment. The results of his passion combined with his awe-inspiring talent for innovative design have ended up in the hands of the world’s best golfers, including Jordan Spieth, Steve Stricker, Adam Scott, Ernie Els, and Davis Love III, to name but a few.

The son of a world-renowned naval architect, Peter Gilbert’s passion for design and engineering was ingrained at an early age. Roots in the design and manufacture of marine vessels gave Peter a deep understanding of the practical applications of math, engineering and even human behavior. It was that background that enabled him to excel as club engineer for Titleist, a position that he assumed in 1990 and held for 20 years. While at Titleist, he worked closely with many of the best players in the world – conceiving, designing and building the golf clubs that ultimately inspired them to achieve renowned success. All the while, he amassed a personal list of references with a record of performance that quite simply speaks for itself.

Peter, always in pursuit of knowledge, complimented his University of Massachusetts BS in Mechanical Engineering with an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and then most recently completed advanced programs at MIT and UC San Diego. These programs have expanded his training in product development, process innovation, finance and leadership.

“I learned the lesson early in life from my father,” Peter says, “that of persistently and passionately pursuing your dreams and acquiring all fragments of knowledge pertaining to your field.”

During his years at Titleist, Peter applied his extensive knowledge of human factors and systematic design to improve a golf club’s feel and enhance ball flight control. The results, which came to life in the form of such commercially resonant models as the Titleist AP2 and the DCI, exceeded the expectations of even the most discriminating consumers. Ultimately, what those golf clubs came to mean in the hands of all golfers, from seasoned pros to weekend amateurs, simply equated to uncompromised performance.

To simply deliver the highest-performing equipment into the hands of the most discerning and appreciating golfers in the game is the self-imposed compass established. A passion for the art of golf, instinctive design talents, and a continuing quest for excellence are qualities deeply embedded in Peter Gilbert, the collective embodiment of which can be found in his formative creation: Gilbert Performance Design.